There are hundreds of community-acquired viruses that can make you sick this winter, and you can’t get vaccinated against them all. Your best bet is to boost your immune system. Then, even if someone coughs or sneezes right in your face you have a good chance of not getting it!

Anything that stresses your immune system makes you more susceptible to colds and flus.  But doing all the basics, like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet, are often not enough.

Immune-boosting oral supplements like vitamins D, K, A, and C are very helpful, as are our supplements such as ImmPower and OraMune Max.  If your vitamin D level is too low, a shot of 50,000 units – our “shot of sunshine” – can bring it up in a hurry. Taking a probiotic such as our VSL#3 also helps keep your gut immune system strong.

If that isn’t enough, it can be very helpful to come get a quick boost to your immune system through IV nutrients, such as our Liquilift (Vitamin C, Glutathione, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) or Natural Defense (Vitamin C, Magnesium and B vitamins).  Getting one of these powerful combinations of IV nutrients fortifies you against the onslaught of bugs that are out to get you. Do it if your diet or supplement regimen hasn’t been the greatest lately, before or after flying on a plane, being in a crowded place, or at the first sign of a scratchy throat.

If you do the right things, you are not at the mercy of every germ that comes your way. Give us a call to help you make it a healthy holiday season by protecting your immune system!

Author Dr. Lynne Mielke Dr. Mielke takes a whole-person approach and uses specialized testing to determine the underlying cause of each person’s health condition.

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