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Welcome to Optimal Health Spectrums, a full-service integrative wellness clinic in Pleasanton California.

Dr. Lynne Mielke and her team have treated over 2000 Bay Area residents in the areas of age management, diet and nutrition, brain health and optimal health programs (addressing chronic disease, stealth infections and more). Our comprehensive approach and our innovative treatments leave our patients feeling healthier and happier!

Optimal Health Spectrums – Bay Area Integrative Medicine

We believe that your health requires a balance among all of the body’s systems, and that just drugging a symptom is not the best approach.

We practice evidence-based Integrative Medicine for men’s, women’s, and children’s health. We look and test for the underlying CAUSES of your symptoms, and treat those causes usually with non-drug approaches, so that the symptoms naturally go away, many times without medication. If a medication is still needed, it can still be used, but it is the last resort, not the first resort.

Lab reference ranges are based on mass population norms. But what if the majority of people today are not optimally healthy? Then the reference ranges are not optimal for health either. That is the situation that we are in today. As an example, the “normal” age for the onset of puberty has been consistently lowered over the years.

Could it be that entire large groups of children are being affected by toxins such as plastics that act as hormone disrupters and are artificially pushing children into puberty before they are mentally or physically ready?  Instead of trying to find treatable causes of early puberty, the American Academy of Pediatrics just keeps pushing the normal age for puberty onset earlier and earlier. There are many examples of similar false logic in traditional adult medicine also – e.g. most thyroid lab norms are not optimal either.

dr-lynn-mielke-optimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-caDr. Lynne Mielke is the founder of Optimal Health Spectrums. She graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine, and then did her residency at UCLA where she became a board certified Psychiatrist. She has focused on Integrative Medicine for over a decade, and is considered an expert in the field of hormone optimization. Her motto is “Never, never, never give up,” when it comes to helping people feel better and achieve optimal wellness. Learn more about Dr. Mielke

np-sandi-kriesenbecki-optimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-caNurse Practitioner Sandi Kreizenbeck has worked in Dr. Mielke’s clinic for years. She is a MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) provider, and consults with Dr. Mielke closely. Sandi has children on the spectrum, which allows her to bring her professional and personal experience to her patients. Learn more about Sandi

Your first visit at our Integrative Medical Clinic will include a history of your current symptoms and medical problems, a brief physical exam, and then we will order lab tests appropriate for your situation.  Our lab testing is more extensive than at most doctor’s offices because we test many body systems at the same time, looking for the underlying causes of your health problems, knowing how they all inter-connect.  Your initial treatment protocol may include some nutritional supplements that are important for your health situation, possible dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations, educational reading recommendations, as well as conventional medical advice, when needed.
When your lab tests come back we will have a follow-up appointment where we will review them together, every test will be explained to you, and you will get copies of them all.  Additional treatment recommendations based upon your lab results and symptoms will be made at that time.

As we work together as a team to optimize your health, you will be learning lots of important new information on how to prevent diseases in the future, and how to get healthy now!

“I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful I feel after 6 months of seeing Dr. Mielke. I was feeling tired all the time, having terrible night sweats and had gained a fairly large amount of weight in a very short time. Within the first week after receiving bioidentical hormones and supplements I was already feeling better. Its been 6 months and I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! Not only do I have more energy but I have also lost almost 20 pounds. I am sleeping better than I have in years and no longer wake up drenched with sweat. I was skeptical about bioidentical hormone replacement at first but I am so glad I found Dr. Mielke and Optimal Health Spectrums. THANK YOU DR. MIELKE FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!!!”
Anna B., Walnut Creek, CA .
Dr. Mielke is the doctor for you!
This doctor has changed my life. All the other doctors I went to had no idea what was going on with me, and just dismissed me and rushed me out the door. This doctor actually looked for the REASON the problems were happening and tried to stop it without using harmful drugs with risky side effects. I learned from this doctor that natural is the best way to go. If you have any health problem you want fixed, Dr. Mielke is the doctor for you!
I feel better than I have in years!
I went to see Dr. Mielke because I was tired of other doctors telling me that I was fine when I knew I wasn’t. I was just tired, moody, had aches and pains, wasn’t sleeping well, and was way too forgetful. Everyone else told me – you’re just getting older, its normal, just accept it – but I didn’t want to. Dr. Mielke took my complaints seriously and told me she could probably make me feel better – and she did. After doing some tests, I am now taking healthy supplements and bioidentical hormones, and avoiding foods that I was reacting to, and feel better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Mielke!
S.K., Pleasonton, CA

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optimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesoptimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesAs we work together as a team to optimize your health, you will be learning lots of important new information on how to prevent diseases in the future, and how to get healthy now!

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