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Weight Loss & Nutrition

To lose weight in a healthy way, many factors need to be considered.

If someone has imbalanced hormones (such as low testosterone or thyroid; or high cortisol or leptin) it can make weight loss next to impossible. Balancing hormones prior to starting a weight loss program can be one big key to success! Also, if the body is deficient in some critical nutrients, it may respond negatively to an attempt to lose weight. Since toxins store in fat, detox can help as well! Genetics and food intolerances also can play a part. We address the issues that are preventing you from losing weight, and offer our patients several options for healthy weight loss, including the HCG diet. Overall, a healthy person can lose weight, while an unhealthy person will just continue to struggle with it.

Each of our personalized programs utilizes a combination of the following therapies and treatments. Click the plus signs to learn more.


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Optimal Weight Loss in the Bay Area

Maintaining an optimal weight is extremely important for optimal health. Those who are overweight and obese will face many more health problems than someone who has a healthy weight.  We offer a special HCG Diet that is highly effective at helping people lose weight and achieve optimal health.

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We also offer non-invasive body contouring treatments that destroy your fat cells in a series of painless, quick appointments. Body sculpting and contouring is a great options for those trouble areas with stubborn fat deposits.

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Bay Area Medical Weight Loss

A proper diet and nutritional supplementation program is essential for optimal health in today’s world. Most of the pre-prepared food that we eat is not high quality food and is low in vitamins and minerals, and at worst, is actually toxic.

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Bay Area Food Allergy Testing

An IgG (Immunoglobulin type G) reaction is a delayed, systemic inflammatory response to a food, which can show up as behavior problems in children – or pain, fatigue and irritability in adults, hours or even days after eating the offending food, making it very difficult to pinpoint which food is causing the problem.

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Bay Area Gastrointestinal Doctor

A strong immune system is necessary to fight off invading organisms that are opportunistic – waiting for any opening or weakness in the system to strike. There are many types of organisms that can invade our bodies.

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optimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesoptimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesA personalized program for your diet and weight issues is only a call away. Good dietary health is an essential component of an optimal health treatment plan for any person – young or old.

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