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Neuro-Psychiatric Treatment

Many mental health issues start with an imbalance in hormones and nutrients, or from underlying systemic infections and inflammation. It’s not “all in your head.”

Brain health begins with total body health. Psychiatric drugs do not make you healthier, and often have negative side-effects. They can and do sometimes help control symptoms which can be important, but if we can test for and get to the root cause of the symptoms and treat that, sometimes psychiatric medications are no longer necessary. Some people will continue to need to take medication for their condition but many will not, or may be able to get by with fewer drugs and/or lower doses, which improves quality of life. And for those with anxiety or depression that are not adequately helped by medications or by optimizing health, we offer TMS – which is a safe and effective FDA-approved non-drug treatment option!

Each of our personalized programs utilizes a combination of the following therapies and treatments. Click the plus signs to learn more.


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After an injury, it is important to provide the brain with the proper nutrients that it needs to heal. Neurons in the brain – like any other part of the body – need the proper building blocks to recover. At Optimal Health Spectrums and the Optimal Brain Center, we know which nutrients you need to make your brain function at its best.

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Memory loss does not usually have a single cause. The best results at treating memory loss are obtained by using the MEND protocol, a specialty of integrative medicine doctors, like Dr. Mielke. Quick intervention is necessary to prevent avoidable neurologic decline, and improve brain function.

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Integrative Psychological Services in the Bay Area

We offer comprehensive treatment protocols that are unmatched in the bay area, and will do our best to help you achieve the maximal level of function possible for your brain. If you or a loved one suffers from a brain disorder and has failed to respond to traditional medical interventions, integrative psychiatry may be the answer.

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Bay Area California Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as HBOT, is a method used to increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the body by increasing both the atmospheric pressure and the concentration of oxygen.

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Autism – and all of its related disorders – is treatable.  It is possible to improve the health and quality of life of nearly every individual on the broad autism spectrum.  When treated early enough, some children have improved so much that they have actually lost their diagnosis.

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Bay Area Detoxification

Professionally applied magnetic stimulation to the brain is the wave of the future for healing from many neurologic and psychiatric conditions – including refractory depression and many other brain problems.

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optimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesoptimal-health-spectrums-pleasonton-california-bioidentical-hormonesIf you or a loved one in the Bay Area suffer from a brain disorder and have failed to respond to traditional medical interventions, give us a call today. Our comprehensive, holistic treatments of underlying health issues and neurologic problems can help!

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