What is the difference between skin care products that you find at a local department store or advertised on TV by famous celebrities, and my skin care line – Dr. Mielke’s Optimal Skin Care? Simply put, ours is medical grade, and none of those are.

Most people don’t know the difference between medical grade and OTC skin care, and are often swayed by the fancy marketing campaigns, the pretty bottles and scents that they use, and the big names that are paid to endorse them. But none of those products are as strong or effective as our products. Pretty bottles don’t help your skin, and those perfumes are extra chemicals that shouldn’t be on your skin anyway.

Over-the-counter products are sold indiscriminately by anyone to anyone, so by law they can only contain weaker ingredients, lower concentrations of active ingredients, and can only act on the top layer of skin – the epidermal layer, which is mostly dead skin. Very few major changes can occur when you are only affecting the top layer of skin. Medical grade skin care products however have higher concentrations of active proven ingredients and are able to reach the second layer of skin, the important dermal layer, where much more effective, actual changes can occur.

We worked together with one of the top skin care labs in the country that produces only scientifically proven, top-of-the line, medical grade products, and supplies the top names in the skin care industry – to come up with the skin care line in our office. Our products are designed to be combined in special ways to get optimal results.

Your skin is important. It is the face that you present to the world every day. Don’t use OTC products that are often expensive – because of that marketing campaign and fancy bottle – with big claims but low results because they are limited by law in what they can do. Medical grade skin care is stronger and better, and the products are recommended based on your individual needs. Try Dr. Mielke’s Optimal Skin Care line. A good place to start is our Foundation Kit. It has the four most important products to get you started with a solid foundation of quality skin care, and then you can add things from there based on your situation. Don’t be duped by fancy marketing – get better skin care results with medical grade products only.

Author Dr. Lynne Mielke Dr. Mielke takes a whole-person approach and uses specialized testing to determine the underlying cause of each person’s health condition.

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